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The Harvester Generation

The Harvester Generation  |  Trailer
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Short Film

16min   |   English  I  2020

Director  I  Minos Papas

Producer  |  Minos Papas, Liz Sargent, Constantinos Nikiforou

Music by  |  Alessandro Cortini, Tao Zervas


Sarah Drescher, Liz Sargent, James Dawson, Miguel Coias, Elizabeth Szynczak, Alex Cape and Rob Benedetto.

Some time in the very near future,, Nanoplastics have entered the water supply - plastic is in the bloodstream. You will be dead by the age of 35. Unless, you can filter water. Young people are condemned to cleanse the polluted Earth in order to survive. They are known as - The Harvester Generation.

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