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ARTICLE: Tango on the Balcony World Premiere in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC— On May 29, Tango on the Balcony, the latest short film from independent filmmaker and internationally acclaimed producer/director Minos Papas, had its world premiere at the 10th Annual G.I. Film Festival in Washington, DC, receiving major recognition from the veteran community. Papas spoke to The National Herald about the premiere and about the overwhelmingly positive response from veterans and mental health professionals who treat those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), noting that the film conveys in 19 minutes what can take much longer to explain about the condition for those not suffering from it. Dave Anderson of the Veterans Advocacy Center, one of the film’s veterans’ organization supporters, attended the premiere, along with representatives from the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Washington, DC Political Counsellor/Congressional Liaison Andrea Petranyi, and Press Officer Maria Papadopoulou...

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