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ARTICLE: Talking Strangers and Surreal Experiences with Writer and Director Liz Sargent

“I haven’t really seen Hong Kong except from the sky, and it’s totally surreal,” says Liz Sargent, the fourth emerging filmmaker to make a fully funded short film as part of “The Stay” collection, her eyes fixed on the cityscape below. “This whole thing has been surreal!” She turns away from the window and smiles. “And it’s been a great way to see Hong Kong.”

It’s the morning after the wrap party for “Strangers’ Reunion,” Sargent’s emotional yet finely considered drama about the first meeting between an adopted daughter and her birth mother. We’re seated at a corner table 116 floors up in the Club Lounge of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, and the views are indeed magnificent. But it’s what’s been playing out three floors below us over the course of her shoot that Sargent is still trying to take in...

Read the full article by Catherine Jarvie HERE.


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