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Writer/director Minos Papas, in his feature directorial debut, has woven a very intricate, elliptical mystery that perplexes both Alex as well as audience members as they join Alex’s journey into the dark streets of New York City. Papas wisely doesn’t force-feed answers and explanations to you so that you’re able to use your intelligence to contemplate what’s going on and to try to connect the dots on your own, even if you’ll find yourself scratching your head a lot. The people whom Alex meets throughout his adventure propel him little-by-little toward finding some sort of closure, but the events and revelations that transpire remain unpredictable and thought-provoking. Even on a purely aesthetic level, Shutterbug impresses with its very stylish cinematography, editing, musical score and lighting, all of which evoke a very David Lychian tone that’s eerie and keeps your eyes and ears glued to the screen in fascination and wonder until the very last frame.

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