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ARTICLE: Liz Sargent's second film, "Slow Down: River To River" premieres on PBS / AllArts

Liz says: “My first job in NYC was as an intern for Lili Chopra at Dance Theater Workshop, and the first show I directed/choreographed was for Lower Manhattan Cultural Council [where Chopra serves as executive director of artistic programs]. So being asked to reflect on Lili’s curation for River to River was nostalgic because I didn’t feel like I was reporting out on the festival or being voyeuristic, rather it felt very personal. I did not want to do a straight “documentary,” I did not want to explain the festival. Instead, I wanted to take Lili’s lead and ask the viewer to take a minute to immerse themselves in a moment, in the landscape of Lower Manhattan, with the artists from the festival, and use their own imagination to find meaning or inspiration or questions within the work.”

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