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ARTICLE: Minos Papas-Produced Film Receives NY Emmy Nomination

NEW YORK – Slow Down: River to River, directed by Liz Sargent and produced by Minos Papas is an experimental documentary about the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s 17th Annual River To River Festival. The film has received a nomination for the 63rd Annual New York Emmy Awards and features the work of Yoko Ono and Pam Tanowitz in addition to performances restaged for the camera. Through vignettes of performance set within the busy city landscape of Lower Manhattan the film asks the viewer to take a moment, reflect and immerse themselves in the imagery created by the artists, dancers and people of New York.

Slow Down has been nominated in the Arts: Program/Special category along with five other films. Papas, founder of film production company Cyprian Films, New York (CFNY), released the following statement about the nomination: “We’d like to thank everyone who watched the film, the cast and crew, the New York Emmys for recognizing our film and especially ALL ARTS, who allowed us the space to create an artistically driven film with no creative limitations.

“Slow Down explores themes of deceleration, reflection and finding stillness in the chaotic city of New York. Special thanks to Lili Chopra whose curation of the LMCC River to River Festival inspired the film themes.

“If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to ALL ARTS and watch the film here [on ALL ARTS website].

“The awards gala is on Saturday, April 18. We are very excited to see where this nomination will take the film and it is certainly an honor to have been considered.

“Stay tuned for more news coming next month! We have about half a dozen exciting projects cooking and will share them with you soon.”

Papas also reminded everyone to “support indie film!”

Films by CFNY/ Minos Papas and Liz Sargent are available online, including Slow Down: River to River at:

More information is also available online:


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