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I, Tony

I, Tony (2019) Short Film Trailer
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Documentary Short 

18min   |   English + Greek  I  2020

Directors  I  Argyro Nicolaou + Margaux Fitoussi

Producers  I  Minos Papas, Jake Alden-Falconer, Argyro Nicolaou, Margaux Fitoussi

Editor  |  Stamos Demetropoulos


Tony Moussoulides, Dimitris Chimonas

Photographer Tony Moussoulides is determined to make a biopic on his illustrious career in Swinging Sixties London. Now 85 and home in Cyprus, he re-enacts - and directs - scenes from his life featuring, among others, John Huston and Andy Warhol.

Directed by Argyro Nicolaou & Margaux Fitoussi

• Completed - Coming Soon

• Co-production with Silver Gaze Films



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