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every moment alters

every moment alters • TRAILER
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Dance Film 

17min   |   English  I  2021

Producer/Director  I  Liz Sargent

Producer/DP  I  Minos Papas

Choreographer  I  Pam Tanowitz 

Music  |  Caroline Shaw


Melissa Toogood, Maile Okomura, Victor Lozano, Lindsay Jones, Zachary Gonder, Jason Collins, Brittany Engel-Adams, Christine Flores, 


Coming Soon


Biennale Danza 2021

Thessaloniki Cinedance International

Cannes World Film Festival (semi finalist)

Set in three locations across New York City, “Every Moment Alters” captures the intense dislocation and unique disquiet that still lingers. Director Liz Sargent and choreographer Pam Tanowitz evoke a shadow of memory, of how the past is the present and continues to shape the future. The screen splits and fragments, phrases catch and repeat in music by Caroline Shaw. “The ability to forget is actually part of what makes us human...” 

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