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• "Ending with your film, every audience member is going to want to go out and conquer the world in the name of women.” -- Juliet Burch, Programming Director, Annapolis Film Festival

• "I liked the editing." --Werner Herzog

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Short Film

6min   |   English  I  2015

Editor  I  Minos Papas

Director / Writer  I  Catherine Fordham

Producers  |  Catherine Fordham + Erin Nelson


Monica West

Consommé is a short film about a woman’s visceral experience of the Brooklyn streets one cold night in early Spring. Bombarded with constant threats and consumed with growing anger, her fiercest self takes over to fight for her life when she's attacked.


Winter Film Awards

Bushwick Film Festival

Annapolis Film Festival

Little Rock Picture Show

Picture Farm Film Festival

Coney Island Film Festival

Greenwich Village Film Festival

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