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Minos Papas is a London born Greek Cypriot filmmaker currently based in New York City. Son of internationally acclaimed film director Michael Papas, Minos was introduced to the film world at a young age achieving his first international award at the age of 16 with the short film Whispers (1993) - First Prize at the Make-A-Video youth competition in Helsinki, Finland.

Minos has been working professionally in the independent film industry of New York for the past ten years. He earned a BFA in Film at the School of Visual Arts and was awarded the school's top award for Cinematography ('the Dusty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography') for his thesis film Kalipolis (2004). The short went on to be screened at festivals in New York, LA, Greece, Germany and Cyprus and was lauded as 'superbly made' at the Brighton Final Cut Festival.

Minos Papas’ first independent feature film, Shutterbug (2009), which he wrote, produced and directed, was released theatrically in 2010 in New York and Los Angeles. Shutterbug received reviews from Variety, The Village Voice, The New York Times and many more publications and blogs which merited the film for its Lynchian atmosphere and beautiful imagery. Minos was invited to the Apple Store Soho and the National Arts Club of New York to screen and discuss the film. Shutterbug was screened in 6 international festivals and achieved an award of merit at the Indie Fest, Los Angeles. The film is currently being distributed by R2 Films on DVD and Blu Ray.

Minos' most recent documentary A Short Film About Guns (2012) about the unregulated global arms trade won Best Online Short at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013 and is currently touring the festival circuit. Other works include the short film The Politics of Conflict (2012) and an experimental dance film PULLEY (2012) which have been screening in international festivals in New York, Indonesia and Brazil.

Apart from working as writer/director/producer on his own productions, Minos also works extensively as director of photography on short and feature films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. He has collaborated with many directors including his father Michael Papas (Secret Paths, Little Odysseus & the Cyclops), independent US filmmaker Ari Taub (79 Parts) and Berlin & Sundance selected filmmaker Sheron Dayoc (The Chicken & the Pink Gorilla), Lisa Skyler (Brillo Box) and Kat Rohrer (Fatal Promises).

Keeping up an interest in the exhibition and distribution end of the film industry, Minos worked as a general manager and technical consultant for Cinema Village movie theater for seven years, handling all facets of exhibition and distribution, marketing, scheduling and special premiere events and is also a technical consultant and founding member on the NYC Greek Film Festival Committee. Minos had previously managed the Acropole Cinemas from 1997-1999, a prestigious three-screen art-house cinema complex in Nicosia, Cyprus. During that time, Minos also continued making short films in Cyprus, producing and directing one of Cyprus’ first indie short films, Orpheus (2001).

Minos is currently in post-production on his second feature film, Behind the Mirror, a collaboration with Nicolas D. Sampson and Samsponic Media. Two other feature productions are in development.