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MINOS PAPAS - Director, producer, cinematographer & CEO of CFNY. Bio. Cinematography reel.

MICHAEL DAY - Assistant producer, cinematographer, writer. A Marine combat veteran of the Iraq War, Michael holds BGS & MSW degrees from Columbia University and Northwestern University. He recently published his first work of fiction, a collection of poetry, short stories, and vignettes entitled "I Am The Title." Michael's entry into the world of art was a direct result of his experiences in Iraq. He helped establish Warrior Writers NYC, where he facilitated workshops, created and organized multimedia performances . In early 2013 Michael met Minos Papas of CFNY at an I Was There Film workshop at George Washington University. Together with three other veterans, and under the support and direction of Minos Papas, Michael acted in and co-produced a short that follows the reuniting of three veterans affected with PTS. Since that film, Michael has completed a internship at the Daily Show, assisted the production of the feature film Behind the Mirror and is involved in all upcoming CFNY productions. Website

SALLY DEL CASTILLO - Art director, Stylist. A native Pittsburgher, Sally studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at Shannon Rodgers & Jerry Silverman School of FD&M, Kent State University, Ohio and holds a BoS in Fashion Merchandising. She has designed sets and styled for multiple fashion companies including Tom James, Abercrombie & Fitch and production companies CFNY and Greenkat productions. Sally has also appeared in front of the camera on TV shows such as Sex and the City, Royal Pains and Law & Order SUV and was featured in Men In Black III. She also works as a food stylist for Roland Foods training videos and has a fashion accessory line of her own. Website.

TAO ZERVAS - Composer. Born in  Athens, Greece and attended the “Deutsche Schule Athen” where he studied music. He was writer and guitar player of one of the first rock bands to emerge in Greece after the dictatorship. Tao has scored the films of Minos Papas and more recently he created the sound effects for PIXAR’s Oscar winner “The Incredibles” promo campaign web game, as well as music and sound effects for productions by FOX films, NBC and Barnes & noble ad campaigns. Website.

KAT ROHRER - Producer, director. Kat is producer/director of GreenKat productions, a New York based production company and frequent collaborator and co-producer with Cyprian Films, New York. A native of Austria, Kat is a filmmaker and alumni of SVA. Bio. Website.

More Team bios coming soon.

ANITA DIAMANTOPOULOU - Assistant producer. Anita grew up in Athens, Greece and in 2008 she graduated from the American College of Greece with a BA in Communication focused in journalism. Her passion for TV, film and creativity brought her to the US to pursue her masters’ degree from Emerson College. During her college years she focused on TV and Film production and created two short documentaries; "Going Forward" and "Art on Emotions". By combining her interest in the small screen and her desire to provide something valuable to its viewers, Anita tries to produce projects that will create awareness. She has worked for the reality shows Design Star7All Star, and My Grand Mothers ravioli produced by CBS Eye Productions and for a 3 part documentary series Broadway or Bust for PBS.

AARON LEHMANN - Producer, director, screenwriter. Aaron is the owner of Lehmann Film Productions, a New York based production company, and has continually collaborated with Cyprian Films, New York on a variety of documentary, narrative and commercial projects.  He is an Alumni of the School of Visual Arts and has been a member of the Actors Studio's Playwright and Director's Unit since 2004.