complete film & video production services


Equipment available for rental.

C  O  N  T  A  C  T


1X RED ONE MX w/CF Module (4.5K)
1X Base Production Pack
1X Cradle (for hard drive and battery)
2X Handles
1X Handle Extension
1x Bottom Plate

1x Shoulder Dovetail

1X Top Mount
2X Universal Mount
1X Red Handle Mount
2X Red Handle

2X 12” Aluminum Rods 19mm
2X 18” Steel Rods 19mm

1X Bomb EVF
1X RED LCD (5.6 in)

2X LCD Cable (6ft.)
2X LCD Arm
1X RED Battery Charger
3X RED Bricks 140Wh
2X 320GB RED Drives

2x 16Gb CF Cards
1X Hard Drive Cable to Camera
1X Element Technica HD-SDI Breakout Box
1X RED AC Adaptor

1X 17mm-50mm Red Pro Lens
1X 17” Panasonic LCD HD-SDI Studio Monitor
6X 5.65 Hot Mirror IR ND and 4 ND Filter Kit , Black Pro Mist Filter, ND6 Grad (hard).
1X Arri FF-4 Follow Focus
1X Arri MB-20 II Basic Module w. Shade

COOKE SERIES II LENS SET: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm & Berthiot 38mm-150mm Zoom.

Canon 60D & 5D DSLR Camera Packages

1X Canon 5D HD DSLR Camera body, batteries & charger

1X Canon 60D HD DSLR Camera body, batteries & charger

1X Sigma 18-125mm Zoom lens

1X Zeiss 35mm prime lens

1X Pentax Takomar 35mm prime lens (rare)

1X Zenit Helios 58mm prime lens (rare)

1X Canon 50mm prime lens

1X Lensbaby Muse SFX Lens kit, including Fisheye, glass & plastic elements

1X Glidetrack Slider

1X Glidecam steady support system

1X CamCaddy

1X Monopod

1X MonoHandle

5X 16GB SD Cards

1X Card Reader

Panasonic HVX-200 Camera Package

1X Panasonic HVX-200 Camera

1X Panasonic P2 Store (60GB)

1X 16GB P2 Card

2X 8GB P2 Cards

4X Long Last Io-on batteries

1X Breakout cable


1X Sachtler 25 II Fluid Head

1X Two Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod

1x Doorway Dolly w. 50 feet of straight Tracks

1X Arriflex Bavaria II Hand Held Shoulder Brace


1X Zoom H4N Audio Recording Device with SD Cards

1X Zoom H4 Audio Recording Device with SD Cards

1X Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Microphone

1X Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone

1X Wireless Lavelier Microphone

1X Headphones Breakout box

4X RED Mini XLR to XLR Cables

4X XLR to XLR Cables

Lighting & Grip

1X 650 Watt Arri Junior Fresnel

4X 500 Watt Flolights with Daylight & Tungsten bulbs

2X 420 Watt Pepper Fresnels

1X 250 Watt Rifa Light

1X 600 Watt Zip Light (scoop)

1X 500 Watt Photoflood

1X Collapsible C-Stand

1X 18x24 solid flag

6X 13 foot light stands

4X 9 foot light stands

4X Spring Clamps

2X Cardellini Clamps

1X 12 foot Backdrop frame with 2X 9 foot stands

1X Greenscreen chroma key paper roll

1X Green/Blue screen 5x6foot Flexfill backdrop

1X Silver/White Flexfill Square

Silver/White Bounceboards, Chinaballs, dimmer and practicals